The Well's Awards and Recognition


Recognition at the national, state, and campus level

Current Projects

  • Well-being Improvement Survey for Higher Education Setting (WISHES)

    The Well is launching a brief Well-being Improvement Survey for Higher Education Setting (WISHES) to provide timely and actionable data to adapt and improve institutional norms, structures, and processes so all students can thrive and flourish. We will launch the survey two times per quarter, and a data dashboard will be created and located under the Health Well-being and Safety Organization Website as a collective impact initiative for the entire organization.  

  • Okanagan Charter Adoption Process

    As part of an international effort to become a Health-Promoting University, Marisol Torres is leading efforts for UCR to adopt the Okanagan Charter

  • Naloxone and Fentanyl Test Strips

    The Well, in collaboration with UC Police and Safety, is leading efforts in providing access and education on Naloxone and fentanyl test strips in order to help prevent opioid overdose. The Well is taking a lead in Naloxone distribution efforts starting Fall 2023 and in community partnerships and education.

  • 2022-23 Mental Health Allies Initiative * Collaboration with CAPS

    Academic year long program: The Mental Health Allies Initiative is built upon the Collective Impact Model (CIM) utilized to make a sustainable change on the UCR campus.  The Mental Health Allies grow more confident in sharing information related to common signs of distress, mental health and well-being resources on campus, and advising colleagues (and students) on appropriate.


  • 2022-23 Innovative Collaborative Mental Health Initiative Proposal

    The Well, CAPS and Health Well-being & Safety Division Leadership are helping lead this effort:


    This project aims to help fund proposals focusing on UCR prevention, promotion, and health education programs dedicated to instilling healthy behaviors and recognizing and responding to high-risk behaviors across the campus community. Applicants can receive $10,000 -$25,000 max. 



Grants & Proposals


  • Journal of American College Health

    Dr. Marmolejo, Interim Co-Director at The Well, published a manuscript on "Examining the association of student mental health and food security with college GPA"

Conference Presentations