The Well's Awards and Recognition


Recognition at the national, state, and campus level

Current Projects 2022-2023

  • Mental Health Allies Initiative * Collaboration with CAPS

    Academic year long program: The Mental Health Allies Initiative is built upon the Collective Impact Model (CIM) utilized to make a sustainable change on the UCR campus.  The Mental Health Allies grow more confident in sharing information related to common signs of distress, mental health and well-being resources on campus, and advising colleagues (and students) on appropriate.


  • Innovative Collaborative Mental Health Initiative Proposal

    The Well, CAPS and Health Well-being & Safety Division Leadership are helping lead this effort:


    This project aims to help fund proposals focusing on UCR prevention, promotion, and health education programs dedicated to instilling healthy behaviors and recognizing and responding to high-risk behaviors across the campus community. Applicants can receive $10,000 -$25,000 max. 



  • Okanagan Charter Adoption Process

    Being led by Marisol Torres


  • ACHA COVAC Grant

    Daniel Lopez Salas, Health Educator at The Well was successfully awarded the ACHA COVAC Grant which helped increase COVID-19 preventative efforts on campus.



  • Journal of American College Health

    Dr. Marmolejo, Interim Co-Director at The Well, published a manuscript on "Examining the association of student mental health and food security with college GPA"

Conference Presentations


  • Committees
    • Marisol Torres: Co-Chair UCR Healthy Campus Substance Use and Addiction Sub-Committee 
    • Marisol Torres: Co-Chair UC-Wide Health Promotions Directors Group
    • Dr.Marmolejo: Co-Chair UCR Healthy Campus Mental Health Subcommittee 
    • Dr.Marmolejo: Co-Chair Riverside County SPC Higher Education Sub-Committee 
    • Dr. Marmolejo: Steering Council under Dr. Evelyn Vazquez