Talking to a Peer is Like Hanging Out With a Buddy

Let's face it. Sometimes college can seem scary. It can also be confusing and stressful. The most important thing to remember is you are not alone at UC Riverside. Whatever you're dealing with, whether it's problems with a roommate, difficulties in a class or a health issue, UCR has assembled an entire team of peer superheroes ready to fly to your rescue.

Talk to a Peer


  • Learn From Other Students
  • Get a Life Coach
  • Ask Anything You Want
  • Make an Educational Plan
  • Talk in an Informal Setting
  • Meet with a Peer Regularly

Power of the Peers Training and Resources 

Workshop: Disability Etiquette 

Disability Etiquette Workshop


Workshop: Mental Health and CAPs 

Mental Health and CAPs


Workshop: COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention 

COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention


Workshop: Racism as a Public Health Crisis 

Racism as a Public Health Crisis