Well Staff 2022


The Well is UCR's student well-being and health promotion department, founded in 2009 as part of the campus and UC system-wide Mental Health/Healthier Campus Climate Initiative.

The Well provides health education, training, resources, and programming for students in a variety of topic areas, through a network of peer educators, mentors, and professional staff.


The mission of The Well is to provide quality health promotion and education, enact policy and provide resources that foster student well-being, academic success, and support a healthy campus environment.


  • Student-centered approach: We center students in our work to ensure that our programs and resources meet their current needs. We create opportunities for peer engagement and foster student leadership development.
  • Content expertise: Our professional staff are trained experts in their areas, and frequently lend their expertise to partnering departments. We train our student staff to be CPE certified peer health educators.
  • Evidence-based practices: We employ public health policy and primary preventative health approaches to ensure our programs are effective in reducing barriers to practicing healthy behaviors, increasing access to health resources, and supporting student well-being.
  • Collaboration: We prioritize campus and community partnerships, and work collaboratively to build health into policies and practices that foster a campus culture of well-being.
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI): We approach our work with a health equity lens to eliminate the barriers for all our students, particularly populations who are systemically oppressed and exposed to additional harm. 
  • Welcoming environment: We strive to create a welcoming, inclusive environment, free of stigma, in our department, our online spaces, and campus-wide.
Welcome to the WELL
Image: Exterior of The Well, located in 248 Highlander Union Building (HUB)