GSA Wellbeing Liasion

The Well offers a variety of programming, in collaboration with our GradSuccess, Graduate Division, and GSA partners, to address the particular needs of the graduate student community. Graduate students face a unique set of challenges such as isolation, exhaustion, budgetary concerns, and performance stress.

The Well graduate students are part of our new Public Health Peer Group. They offer the following:

  • COVID-19 preventative efforts
  • Flu vaccine information
  • Resources and information to address the issues that grads encounter on and off campus
  • Support professional stuff on Well presentations 
  • Mental Health initiatives 

 The Well strives to offer graduate-specific programs so students can learn and interact with other people that share their same challenges and concerns in a safe and productive environment.

To submit a request to collaborate with our graduate students please email:

Meet our GSA Wellbeing Liasion


Graduate-specific programs

Some of the graduate-specific programs we offer are:
  • Stress Relief Fair, Chill Out Sessions, in collaboration with GradSuccess
  • Community building and physical activities to meet students in other fields
  • Mental health education and resources
  • R'Time stress relief sessions for international women graduate students

We welcome suggestions from graduate students for specific programs they would like to see on campus. Remember, that this institution is your space for wellness on campus and we want to address your concerns and challenges during this exciting chapter of your lives.