Data & Impact

Student Health Behavior Data

The Well collects and analyzes student health behavior data in a variety of ways, through program evaluations and campus-wide surveys. This data helps us assess student well-being, identify emerging trends, prioritize needs, allocate resources, and inform our programs and services.

2021 ACHA-NCHA III Results

Note: Due to small sample size, results may not be representative of the entire UCR student population.

The Well's Annual Reports

Each year, The Well evaluates our programs and services for effectiveness and impact, through participation numbers, website analytics, and assessments that measure learning outcomes and satisfaction.

2018-19 Yearbook

2017-18 Yearbook


UCR Alcohol & Other Drug Programs Biennial Review

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act requires institutions of higher education receiving any form of federal funding to implement programs to prevent the use of illicit drugs and the misuse of alcohol and other substances by students and employees, and to conduct a biennial review of the institution’s program.

UCR's alcohol and other drug (AOD) programs are reviewed every two years by a team of staff, faculty, and students from departments across campus, and compiled with our current AOD policies, data, and recommendations for the future in the following report:

2016-18 Biennial Review