Learn how to help emotionally distressed students get the support they need through these UCR mental health trainings.


In-Person Training


Suicide Awareness - Know What to Say

Take the 90-minute “Campus Connect” training provided by Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS):

  • Recognize the warning signs of a suicidal crisis.
  • Compassionately ask a student about their suicidal thoughts.
  • Help a student feel understood, validated and acknowledged.
  • Appropriately refer a student to mental health resources.

Students, Faculty and Staff: To request a workshop, please complete the CAPS presentation request form and email to sarah.gohn@ucr.edu.

Faculty and staff: Find a scheduled training in the UCR LMS.



Recognize a Cry for Help

Take the 90-minute “Recognizing and Responding to Distressed/Disruptive Students” training.

  • Recognize distressed/disruptive behavior as a cry for help.
  • Find the UCR resources that can help both the student and you.
  • Navigate proper protocol.


Faculty, staff or students: To sign up for individual or group training, contact sarah.gohn@ucr.edu



Note: Request a program for peer-led mental health workshops or presentations.