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Active Minds is a student led, nationally recognized organization with over 400 campus chapters and is the largest voice for young adult mental health advocacy across the country. Get real answers from peer mentors you can relate to. Connect with other UCR students dealing with the same pressures we all have: relationships, body image issues, adjusting to college life, family pressures, and mental health struggles.  This nationally recognized student group is committed to changing the conversation about mental health at UCR by helping you feel your best and removing the stigma surrounding mental health.  They provide guest speakers, information tables, and outreach programs to help peers manage their mental health and find help when needed.

2019-2020 Team

E-Board 19-20

Executive Board/Student Staff:

Sabrina Parra, Angel Huerta, Cheryl-Mae Mallabo, Michelle Luu, and Pamela Acosta

Advisor: Connie Marmolejo, Mental Health Educator, The Well

Active Minds 19-20

2018-2019 Campus wide Efforts

Over 1,500
Students Attended Send Silence Packing
Over 2,000
Students attended May is Mental Health Month Events
Over 400
Students Attend Therapy Fluffies Each Quarter

Request a Program!

Active Minds can bring the program to you, your class, your residence hall, or your student group.  Contact us to let us know your idea for a program, and we'll help you to develop it, or request one of the programs below: 

  • Let’s Talk About Mental Health
  • Graduation Anxiety
  • Sound Asleep
  • Body Positivity
  • Time Management
  • Treat Yo Self (Self-Care)
  • Stress Management
  • Erasing the Stigma (Mental Health Stigma)
  • Validate-Appreciate-Refer (For more information, please refer to:
  • Shyness, Introversion, and Social Anxiety

To request one of our programs or workshops, email 

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

Be an Active Minds Peer Mentor!

As part of our valued team, you’ll gain leadership experience while making a difference for your friends and campus.  You’ll also develop presentation skills, plan UCR events, help students by becoming a trusted peer, and earn community service hours for scholarships, honors programs and fraternities/sororities.

For more information, email

Stress Management Resources

If you would like to request nap kits for a sleep health program , you will need to fill out this form.

Sleep Resources

If you would like to request nap kits for a sleep health program , you will need to fill out this form.

Nap Kits include: Sleep mask, lotion, ear plugs, and sleep education. 

Active Minds Testimonials

Being a part of this organization has shone a light on my role in the community of mental health advocacy. I never thought I would feel this passionate about the mission of an organization. To be supported by the leads while working together to spread awareness of mental health makes being part of this organization 10x more fulfilling.
Active Minds Volunteer
AM has really helped me to come out of my shell and get me involved with the UCR community.
Active Minds Volunteer
I really appreciate the effort all the members put into making active minds what it is
Active Minds Volunteer
I had a great time being an Active Minds volunteer this quarter. Thank you to all of the E-board for making this a very positive experience for me.
Active Minds Volunteer