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A Healthier You, Inside and Out

The Well is UCR's student well-being and health promotion department, and was founded in 2009 as part of the campus and UC system-wide Mental Health/Healthier Campus Climate Initiative.  The Well provides education, trainings, resources, and programming for students in a variety of health and wellness topic areas, through a network of peer educators, mentors, and professionals.  

Our Core Programs and Services
  • The Well's health education programs aim to inform about health topics important to UCR students, and to provide opportunities to practice healthy behaviors and activities to develop lifelong wellness habits. Our work is centered around increasing access to information and resources, and helping students remove barriers to well-being, in support of their academic and personal success.
Our Peer Programs
  • The Well's peer programs raise awareness and educate UCR students about a variety of health topics, provide opportunities for professional development, and foster connections between students on campus.   
Our Mission
  • The Well promotes healthy minds, bodies, and communities through student-centered health education, access to resources, peer engagement, and collaboration, and strives to contribute to  a safe, supportive, and connected campus environment. 


The Well's Annual Report, 2018-19


Take a look at our Yearbook for more information on our work and impact:


The Well Yearbook 2018-19 cover

Our Philosophy


At The Well, we focus on holistic well-being in our health promotion and basic needs work. Our staff also understands that it can be challenging to maintain our health and well-being, so we are here to help increase access to information and resources, and reduce barriers students may have to keeping themselves healthy.  We want your Self Wellness Wheel to roll as smoothly as possible.

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