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Would you like to partner with experienced Health Educators?

We can serve as a health education resource by providing:

Content guidance on wellness programs
Expertise on leading peer groups
Training for students to become Certified Peer Educators
Assisting in assessing needs, resources, and capacity for wellness programs
Consultation in evaluation, data, and assessment in wellness programs and projects
And much more… just ask!


Connie Marmolejo,MPH


Connie Marmolejo is the Mental Health Educator at The Well. Her focus is on student mental health education. Topics include managing stress, time management, suicide prevention and navigating life transitions. She is the advisor for Active Minds Peer Health Education Group and has collaborated with campus partners in a variety of ways, including:

  • Outreach for mental health initiatives on campus
  • Providing guidance on mental health education programs/workshops
  • Planning student mental health education events
  • Collaborating with CAPS and Case Management on mental health education efforts
  • Collaborating with Graduate Programs for mental health events
  • Providing student mental health trainings
  • Providing existing data on student mental health issues to inform programming

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Marisol Torres, MPH, MCHES

Head-shot of Marisol Torres smiling with the Rivera arches in the background. She is wearing a black shirt with a white bow

Marisol’s focus is student health education in the topics of drug and alcohol use, sexual health, reproductive justice, fitness, nutrition and general wellbeing. She is the advisor for Golden ARCHES Peer Health Education Program and has collaborated with campus partners in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing guidance on information sheet for emergency contraceptive pills
  • Consulting for safer sex vending machine educational materials
  • Collaborating with marketing on health promotion campaigns
  • Drafting campus-wide emails with appropriate messaging on alcohol use and safety
  • Creating health education module for students
  • Creating survey to gather data on student experience and behaviors
  • Providing existing data on student health and well-being to inform programming

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The Well and their Mental Health Educator, Connie Marmolejo, have been key partners when working with student's mental health, food security, and well being. We are able to partner through multiple programs such as Feminist Fridays, the R'Pantry, R'Time, and Silence Backpacking.
Nathaly Martinez
Student Life and Development Specialist
The Well has been such a great partner in ASPB’s mission in providing a safe environment at our events. Marisol and Devon have been key partners in helping us build a new initiative called “Enjoy the Experience”. This initiative is to bring awareness of the importance of consent and to refrain from the consumption drugs and alcohol so that everyone attending can enjoy the experience. They have also helped ASPB immensely by creating our first ever Safety Module for all ASPB major concerts, which has made an impact on UCR Culture. ASPB is so grateful to have such an amazing and caring partner like The Well.
Naime Laskar
ASPB Coordinator, Student Life
International Affairs office has been working collaboratively with the Well and their Mental Health Educator, Connie Marmolejo for the program called R’time.
R’Time was created for the international women students to provide them a warm and relax environment on the campus. The collaboration has been great and our international students like the program. Thank you Connie!
Jenny Shin
International Student Advisor/SEVIS Registrar
Marisol Torres and Connie Marmolejo from The WELL, are key partners in the development, implementation, and evaluation of UCR Healthy Campus. Both are dedicated and passionate professionals in their areas of expertise. We are appreciative of the collaboration we have with them to create a culture of health at UCR, for students, faculty, and staff.
Julie Chobdee
Wellness Program Coordinator/UCR Healthy Campus Co-Chair
In my two years here at UCR, the Well became one of the closest campus partner for the International Students & Scholars. The staff truly care about the well-being of students and assisted us in providing quality programming. One of such collaborations is R’Time, a program that provides a space for international women to gain support, develop safe space, and enjoy some relaxing time together. We look forward to more joint programing and close collaboration in the future.
Magid Shirzadegan
Director of International Students & Scholars
Collaborating with Connie Marmolejo to create a new designed workshop for UCR international students was truly a smooth and efficient experience. Connie truly cares about the students and wants the best for them. The Well is a wonderful resource to all the students at UCR, and also a safe place to be.
Lisa N Luu-Luc
Student Life Development Specialist
As co-chair of Healthy Campus, I have had a number of opportunities to part with the Well on the health and wellbeing of students and our campus community more generally. They are an incredible resource to our campus community.
Ann Cheney
Healthy Campus Co-chair