Request A Health Educator

Would you like to partner with experienced Health Educators?

We can serve as a health education resource by providing:

Content guidance on wellness programs
Expertise on leading peer groups
Training for students to become Certified Peer Educators
Assisting in assessing needs, resources, and capacity for wellness programs
Consultation in evaluation, data, and assessment in wellness programs and projects
And much more… just ask!


Connie Marmolejo,DrPH


 Dr. Connie Marmolejo is the Mental Health Educator at The Well. Her focus is on student mental health education. Topics include managing stress, time management, suicide prevention and navigating life transitions. She is the advisor for Active Minds Peer Health Education Group and has collaborated with campus partners in a variety of ways, including:

  • Outreach for mental health initiatives on campus
  • Providing guidance on mental health education programs/workshops
  • Planning student mental health education events
  • Collaborating with CAPS and Case Management on mental health education efforts
  • Collaborating with Graduate Programs for mental health events
  • Providing student mental health trainings
  • Providing existing data on student mental health issues to inform programming

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