Health Educators Support

We can serve as a health education resource by providing:

  • Content guidance on wellness programs
  • Expertise in leading peer groups
  • Training for students to become Certified Peer Educators
  • Assisting in assessing needs, grants, resources, and capacity for wellness programs
  • Consultation in evaluation, data, and assessment in wellness programs and projects

Request Workshops or Lectures

In need of a public health workshop or classroom lecture?

We can develop one to meet your needs or you can request one from our following list:

  • Title: "Cultural Competency and Sensitivity for Health Education" - presented by Dr. Connie Marmolejo and Marisol Torres, MPH
  • Title: "Anxiety Management During College: COVID-19" - presented by Dr. Connie Marmolejo 
  • Title: "Racism as a Public Health Crisis"- presented by Marisol Torres, MPH
  • Title: " Learn about Public Health Career Paths"-Dr.Connie Marmolejo and Marisol Torres, MPH

Connie Marmolejo, DrPH


 Dr. Connie Marmolejo is the Mental Health Educator at The Well. Her focus is on student mental health education. Topics include managing stress, time management, suicide prevention, and navigating life transitions. She is the advisor for The Well's Active Minds Peer  Group. In addition, she currently serves as co-chair for Healthy Campus Mental Health Subcommittee. She has collaborated with various campus partners in a variety of ways, including:

  • Outreach for mental health initiatives on campus
  • Guiding mental health education programs/workshops
  • Planning student mental health education events
  • Collaborating with CAPS and Case Management on mental health education efforts
  • Collaborating with Graduate Programs for mental health events
  • Providing student mental health training
  • Providing existing data on student mental health issues to inform programming

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Marisol Torres, MPH, MCHES

Head-shot of Marisol Torres smiling with the Rivera arches in the background. She is wearing a black shirt with a white bow

Marisol is a Health Educator at The Well with a focus on sexual health and drug and alcohol use. Topics include safe partying, reproductive justice, harm reduction and recovery. She is the advisor for Golden ARCHES Peer Health Education Program. In addition, she currently serves as co-chair for Healthy Campus Substance Use and Addiction Subcommittee.  She has collaborated with campus partners in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing guidance on information sheet for emergency contraceptive pills
  • Consulting for safer sex vending machine educational materials
  • Collaborating with marketing on health promotion campaigns
  • Drafting campus-wide emails with appropriate messaging on alcohol use and safety
  • Creating health education module for students
  • Creating survey to gather data on student experience and behaviors
  • Providing existing data on student health and well-being to inform programming

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Daniel Lopez Salas

Daniel Headshot 2019

Daniel Lopez Salas is a Health Educator at the Well with a focus on COVID-19 Education and prevention, Physical Health, and Nutrition. Topics include safe gathering, and risks of COVID-19, prevention measures for flu and COVID-19, benefits of physical exercise,

and healthy nutrition. Daniel is the advisor for the Public Health Peers, oversees Peanut Butter & Jogging, and co-facilitates the GO Pedometer Program. Daniel has collaborated in various ways including:

  • Coordination of PPE Access and Delivery
  • Implementation of PPE Wellness Stations
  • Access and visibility for Student Parent
  • COVID-19 Student Organization Pledge
  • Basic Needs access and support

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