Public Health Peers 23_24

The Well's Public Health Peers

The Public Health Peers at the Well is a peer group dedicated to Public Health topics such as COVID-19/Flu, Physical Fitness, and Nutrition among others. The Public Health Peers manage the distribution of Protective Equipment Stations for students and bulk material for departments. The Public Health Peers are dedicated to the safety and well-being of all Highlanders at UC Riverside.

2023-2024 Team

5 undergrad PHP

25 volunteers

Advisor: Daniel Lopez Salas, Health Educator II, The Well



Q: Which Personal Protective Equipment can I pick up from The Well?
A: Students can pick up disposable medical masks, N-95 masks, sanitizing wipes, and portable sanitizer gel. 

Q: Does The Well have COVID Testing Kits?
A: No. The Well currently does not distribute COVID Testing Kits. Staff may request a kit here: COVID TESTING


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Public Health Peers

  • Arnav Kacker
    Arnav Kacker

    Hi, my name is Arnav and I am passionate about public health and wanted to keep my school safe during the pandemic so we can stay in-person for as long as possible. The Public Health Peers allowed me to do so!

  • Diane Zhao
    Diane Zhao

    My name is Diane and as a first-year undergraduate at UCR, I'm excited to be working at The Well! I hope to help foster wellbeing and provide health resources for the undergraduate student body as a PHP Lead.

  • Zoe Dacpano

    My name is Zoe and I was interested in PHP because I wanted to play a part in providing accessible resources and education to the UCR community! These resources are crucial as we navigate through our college journey and PHP gave the opportunity to do so.

  • Ly Tran
    Ly headshot

    I’m Ly and my pronouns are they/them/any. I am currently a first-year psychology major, but I am intending on switching into neuroscience with a minor in psychology. I wanted to join PHP since public health and well-being has always been an interest and passion of mine. I am grateful to be able to support the wellness of students on campus through PHP.

  • Rahul Almeida

    I decided to join PHP because I was interested in helping out to maintain the wellbeing of our campus community. I have always been interested in public health and believed that being a part of PHP would help me understand more about its various aspects. I really believe in the value of treating communities and preventing disease and being a part of PHP aligns well with this. 

    Rahul Almeida