Golden ARCHES Peer Health Education Program

12 people with Golden ARCHES t-shirts standing in front of the Rivera Library arches, smiling and posing in a straight line

Advocating Responsible Choices through Health Education and Support

  • Golden ARCHES is a peer health education group at UC Riverside, focused on the topics of alcohol and other drugs, safe partying, sexual health, and nutrition & fitness.
  • Golden ARCHES believes in providing UC Riverside’s students with accurate and honest health information, skills, and resources, so students can make informed decisions that enhance their personal health and well-being.
  • Golden ARCHES peers are advocates for responsible decision-making when it comes to individuals’ health, and for creating a campus community that nurtures and supports these decisions.
  • Golden ARCHES peer educators gain valuable experience in health education programming, and serve as positive role models for their peers.

2021-2022 Team:

Student Staff:  

Director of Membership: Bryan Ho

Director of Programming: Jenelle Consignado 

Director of Marketing: Sydney Hizon 

Director of Metrics and Operations: Alexis Balocating 

Golden Arches Advisor:

Devon Sakamoto, Director, The Well


Interested in some resources:

Request-a-program: If you would like to request one of our programs/workshops please visit this page

For condom requests: If you would like to request condoms for a sexual health program , you will need to fill out this form.

2018-2019 Golden ARCHES Campus-Wide Efforts

condoms were distributed
Over 800
Golden ARCHES Be SEXcellent brochures were distributed
Students educated through request-a-programs

GA Awareness Campaigns

What we do?

  • Golden ARCHES peer health educators are frequently asked to provide educational presentations for groups of students on campus or in housing. These include presentations and discussions about safe partying, and sexual health & responsibility.
  • Golden ARCHES peers regularly do outreach and tabling events, where we promote healthy behaviors and choices, as well as promoting the other services and programs put on by The Well.
  • We work collaboratively with other peer groups and departments to bring UCR students health-related campaigns, services, and events. Recent examples include planning the Sexual Health Fair, tabling at Stress Recess, creating campaigns to display around campus.
  • Golden ARCHES peers also bring expert speakers to campus, in our main topic areas.
  • Golden ARCHES hosts the annual UCR Sex Week. This is a nationally- recognize, award-winning program.

How to get involved

GA Testimonial

I love how accepting and caring everybody is in Golden ARCHES… I get to do something I like with people I like.
GA Volunteer
Golden ARCHES has connected me with friendly people who want to be involved in…health…education. I love the presentations we get to present to students on campus.
GA Volunteer
I love what y’all do for the school community and I am honored to assist with [Golden ARCHES] programs.
GA Volunteer