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The Well and its partners have created all kinds of pamphlets full of helpful advice that's free, downloadable and easily printable. Whether you're planning a party or stranded at one that's as stale as the bean dip, just click on the links below to browse our full-sized brochures.

Partners of the Mental Health Initiative

Discover the services and offices UCR provides to help students get through the challenges of college life.

Title Video Powerpoint PDF
R.E.A.C.H. Brochure (Inside)     Download
R.E.A.C.H. Brochure (Outside)     Download
History of R.E.A.C.H.   Download  
Why We Joined R.E.A.C.H.? Download    
All About the Well   Download  
Case Manager Brochure for Students     Download
Ethnic, Cultural & Gender Office Open Houses 2009     Download
Golden Arches Brochure     Download
Active Minds Information Flyer     Download
Peer Presentation   Download  
Peers Brochure     Download
Peers Guiding Peers   Download  
Peer Handout     Download
The Well Initiatives   Download  
Well Intro Card     Download
Well Magnet Promo     Download
Well Partner Poster     Download
Well Partner Brochure     Download
Wellness Fair Brochure     Download

Community Service

Find out how to get involved in community service opportunities on and off-campus.

Title Video Powerpoint PDF
Community Service Brochure (Inside)     Download
Community Service Brochure (Outside)     Download
Community Service Opportunities   Download  

Student Resources and Support

Learn to deal with important issues like hazing, sexual assault/violence, academic integrity, stress and more.

Title Video Powerpoint PDF
Coping with Depression     Download
Definition of Hazing     Download
Rape Prevention     Download
(AIM) Incorporating Student Development Theory   Download  
Regarding Sexual Assault   Download  
Suicide Awareness   Download  
Take Back the Night Guide     Download
Trifold Brochure     Download
For Faculty, Staff and FamiliesRecognize when a student is distressed and learn how you can help.
Title Video Powerpoint PDF
1st Year Issues Development of College Students   Download  
Counseling Center Guide for Parents 2010     Download
Counseling Center Guide for Parents (Spanish)     Download
Counseling Center Guide     Download
Parent's Guide to a Well Student   Download  

Your Well-Being

See how to keep yourself healthy…mentally, physically and emotionally.

Title Video Powerpoint PDF
Preventive Care Brochure     Download
A Well Student     Download
Biofeedback Brochure     Download
Group Therapy Brochure     Download
Healthy Eating on Campus     Download
Self Care Peers   Download  

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