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Need Advice? Think of Us as Your Virtual Information Kiosk

The Well and its partners have created all kinds of pamphlets full of helpful advice that's free, downloadable and easily printable. Whether you're planning a party or stranded at one that's as stale as the bean dip, just click on the images below to view our full-sized brochures.

Party Enforcement

No one's saying "don't party." That wouldn't fly anyway. But if you do party, you should know that UCR takes Party Enforcement very seriously. The message is "Have Fun. Stay Cool. And, Be Safe."

UCR SafeRides

The only thing worse than driving drunk is riding with someone who just polished off a 12-pack. Don't take a chance! Call SafeRides for a free taxi ride home.

Party Safety

You can party hearty and still not wind up wrapped around the toilet. Get tips for before the party (eat something), during the party (pace yourself)) and after the party (leave with your friends).

Party Thrower

Chips. Check. Beer. Check. Think of it as party planning 101. It's your guide to keeping yourself out of jail and making sure your guests are happy and safe without ticking off the neighbors.

Counseling Center

Ready to talk? We're here 24/7.

Critical Student Incident Team

Who you going to call if you think the guy in your chem class is planning to harm himself or somebody else? The CSI team, of course. Team members are trained to handle dicey situations with empathy and expertise.

R.E.A.C.H. Peer Educators

Students just like you want to talk to someone just like them. Make sure you're ready to listen.


The WELL is your one-stop shop for all things helpful and healthy. Learn how to eat right, exercise well and connect with friends.

Women's Resource Center

Be aware. Be strong. Be prepared. Get involved. You owe it to yourself!

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