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Behold the Power of Peers!

With 30 kinds of peers and more than 500 on campus, we're pretty sure we can put you in touch with someone who knows what you're going through, someone you can talk to or just someone to hang out with and blow off steam. Remember, our family of peers is part of your UC Riverside family, too, and there's almost always a peer who can and is eager to help out. For more information, contact Deepak Sharma at 951-827-5501 or

Our Peer Network

    African Student Programs Mentorship Program
    Help students succeed and expand their horizons toward academic achievement and holding them accountable to their academic commitments; organized through African Student Programs.

    Active Minds
    Reduce the stigma that often surrounds mental health issues by increasing awareness, coordinating interactive events, and providing mental health/wellness resources and support.

    Asian Pacific Student Programs Peer Mentoring Program
    Help students discover opportunities for personal, academic, and social connections to the Asian Pacific Islander community on campus.

    Campus Health Center Preventive Care Advocates
    Educate the campus community about healthy living and help students make healthy choices.

    Campus Safety Escorts
    Help keep students, faculty, and staff safe by walking them to and from their cars or nearby campus destinations. Organized through the Women's Resource Center.

    Career Center Peers
    Help UCR students take advantage of Career Center services, employer events, and job resources.

    Chicano Link Mentor Program
    Each link makes us stronger; mentor Chicano/Latino students by promoting academic, cultural, and social success.

    Community Service Ambassadors
    Locate and coordinate local service opportunities and programs that connect students to the local community.

    Counseling Center
    Biofeedback Technicians Offer one on one help to students to teach them various relaxation exercises to manage stress and anxiety.

    StressBusters Peer Educators Offer stress relief through stress management and relaxation workshops, and interactive tabling events.

    Diversity Advocates
    Facilitate discussions about various topics relating to race/ethnicity, gender, and culture to promote understanding and community.

    Golden ARCHES
    Give advice about alcohol, sexual health, sexual assault/violence, nutrition/fitness, eating disorders/body image, stress and sleep awareness, and mental health.

    Graduate Mentorship Program
    Help fellow graduate students find campus resources, support for academic success, and research opportunities.

    International Education Center
    International Peer Advisor (IPA) Help international students as they make connections at UCR and in the United States.

    Global Opportunities Abroad Leaders (GOAL) Help students discover international opportunities to study, intern, volunteer, and work abroad.

    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center
    Peer Connections Mentoring Program Connect students with campus resources and offer support through online chats with trained peer mentors.

    Community OUTreach Educators CORE members educate others regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as raise awareness of the LGBT and allies community.

    Military-Veteran Peer Mentors
    Assist student veterans, service members, and military family members through deployment cycles and transitions, provide guidance on VA and DOD programs, educate the campus about veteran issues, and enhance veteran support and outreach programs.

    Native American Student Programs Peer Mentoring Program
    Help support a rich cultural environment in which Native American students can prosper.

    (Reaching for Education, Affirmation, Community and Harmony)
    Develop programming to help students deal with topics such as hate crimes, hazing, academic integrity, and sexual violence.

    Residence Life: Peer Review Board (PRB)
    Make a difference by adjudicating housing conduct cases and educating residents about personal responsibility and ethical decision-making.

    Sexual Assault & Violence Educators (SAVE)
    Train student groups on the topic of Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE), and teach them how to build skills for healthy relationships. Organized through the Women's Resource Center.

    Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs
    Serve on the academic and social conduct committees to help maintain a positive, ethical campus and to teach students about their rights and responsibilities.

    Student Disability Union Advocates
    Raise awareness and educate the community about students and services for students with disabilities.

    Student Life's First Year Mentors
    Help first-year students transition to university life, feel at home, and get involved academically and socially.

    Student Recreation Center
    Fitness Instructors Help improve student health and fitness by being a workout instructor.

    Intramural Sports Team Coordinators
    Connect students who have an interest in participating in intramural sports to health and wellness opportunities.

    Outdoor Excursions Trip Leaders
    Lead others in outdoor adventure activities and trips.

    TRiO Scholars
    Mentor first generation students through academic, social, personal, and career advising and support.

    University Honors Peer Leaders
    Help first and second year students stay on track academically, adjust to campus life, and connect with campus events and community service opportunities.

    Well Peers
    Serve as a peer to your fellow UCR students through programming, partnering with campus offices, and raising awareness of health and wellness resources available on campus.

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